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Lessons learned from regional temporal land cover mapping

Land cover maps provide a description of the Earth’s surface, characterising both anthropogenic activity and eco-climatic diversity

Earth Observation

Earth Observation – Movement of water in the Okavango Delta

De-densifying Gauteng: A thought experiment

As we come to grips with the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, various urban forms and functions are being examined

PAMRO 2019 speakers announced

Investing in research, investing in brands, investing in Africa.

New 2018 SANLC

Download your copy of the New 2018 SANLC now.

Digitalised on-the-spot crime mapping and analysis

GIS has become a vital tool to facilitate policy and assist forensic investigations

Digitalised on-the-spot crime mapping and analysis

Calvin Opiti (@opiti_calvin) adds new value to #mining #information